The Practice of Sustainable Design

// Original Houdini Digital Asset development for material Life Cycle Analysis //

A peer production effort

The proof of concept release will include several plastics, common metals, and wood products. Each material includes a range of appropriate fabrication methods, which can be selected with a switch. The fabrication method is visible in the scene beneath the material name. Multiple fabrication methods can be strung together inside the node, if a series of processes is used, such as welded sheet metal.

All values are taken from the Okala Practitioner: Integrating Ecological Design. The HDA is developed in a similar intent to the guide itself. It is not an exhaustive exploration of the environmental impacts of any one product but instead provides a guideline comparison for designers working in a time-sensitive context.

The asset is offered as an opportunity for users to learn and explore aspects of impact analysis as a way to inform product design and concepting in Houdini.

Initial release is expected on Github in early 2022.